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A. Pathologist is a medical healthcare provider who examines bodies, fluids and tissues and analyzes them for any abnormalities.

A. Biopsy is a sample of tissue taken from the body and examined by a pathologist.Your doctor will suggest a biopsy if a physical exam or radiologic exam (e.g. mammogram, CT, X-ray) is abnormal.

A. Your sample is sent to a lab for a Pathologist to examine and produce a report for your medical team to review.

A. In order for a Pathologist to review a sample taken for a patient, it must be processed through a series of steps and then preserved in wax (called “blocks”).  The block is then shaved and placed on a thin glass called a microscope slide for review by the pathologist.

A. You can arrange with your medical team to have your slides sent to us for review. You can also bring in your slide or block to us for a second review. Call our office at 346-1463 to make arrangments.

A. Yes your slides will be returned to you, once our Pathologist completes the review and a report is done.

A. This report will be available to your medical team within 24-48 hours of receipt of the sample at GPS Laboratory.  If additional testing is required a preliminary report will be sent to your medical team and any further testing will be suggested by the pathologist and discussed with you and your clinical team.

A. Your result will be delivered to your medical team via a report that is signed by our pathologist with the findings, either via email or hardcopy.   A copy can be obtained through your medical team;however, you are free to request a copy directly from us.

A. Please call Dr. Johncilla on 1-868-461-4263 or email the name of the tests and your contact details to globalpathologysolutions@

A. Click the “Test Menus” link; there are two options Local Cost and International Costs.