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Q. What is a “Frozen Section”?

A. The aim of this tissue freezing process is to provide a rapid diagnosis while the patient is on the operating table.

Q. Why should I ask for a frozen section?

A. Cost containment
Up to 40% of breast resection cases are incompletely excised (with a positive margin). In institutions with routine frozen sections for breast margins, the rate of second surgeries is 3%.

Peace of mind
A frozen section can be performed if an unexpected lesion is found during surgery or if there is uncertainty whether or not the lesion of interest is completely excised. 

Appropriate triage of specimens
Typically, surgical specimens are received in formalin. Tissue in formalin cannot be sent for flow cytometry, a critical ancillary test that is much needed for possible lymphoma cases. This will ultimately lead to a more accurate diagnosis as more ancillary testing can be performed.

Q. What is the cost of a Frozen Section at GPS?

A. First Frozen Section $1500.00 TTD

Subsequent Frozen Section from the same case $750.00 TTD